Sonatina/Sonata Festival 2021

Chairperson:  Jennifer Lipetzky (Email).

Date:  April 24, 2021.

Location:  Online via Zoom.

Time:  TBD. 

Fee: None in 2021.

Each teacher must be a member of FCMTA.

Deadlines: Registration forms must be submitted electronically to by April 14.

NOTE:  Students must register through their teachers.

Description: FCMTA will host its 15th Annual “Sonatina/Sonata Festival” this year. This is an opportunity for piano students to perform a selection from the vast repertoire of Sonatinas and Sonatas. Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, this year’s event will be quite different from prior years. Here is a list of the differences:

  • There will be no adjudications.
  • Students will play one Sonatina or Sonata movement without the usual requirement for a second contrasting piece.
  • Memorization is not required this year.
  • Students will submit an uploaded unlisted YouTube video of their performance by April 14th.
  • The festival will be viewed via Zoom on Saturday, April 24th.  The time(s) will be determined based on participation and will be announced at a later date.  
  • There will be no fees this year as FCMTA will have no expenses.

The student’s selection must not exceed 10 minutes. Repeats are generally not to be taken in the sonata or sonatina movement, except for short repeats (8 – 16 measures), or for balance of the form. Both D.C. and D.S. should be taken as indicated. Keep the time limit in mind when deciding about repeats.

Each student will receive a Certificate of Participation.

Teachers and Parents, click here to view this year’s Information Sheet, which highlights the essential changes required this year due to the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Teachers, click here to view this year’s Parental Consent Form, along with other associated information. Teachers should print this page out and distribute, one to each student to be entered.

Teachers and Parents, click here to view the instructions for uploading a submission to YouTube and sharing the link.

Teachers, click here for the online sign-up sheet for entering students.