Sonatina/Sonata Festival 2024

Date:  March 16, 2024

Location:  Frederick Community College, Visual and Performing Arts Center, 7932 Oppossumtown Pike, Frederick, MD 21702

Time:  All day; individual times to be announced two weeks before the Festival.

Fee:  $20 per student.

Co-Chairs:  Jennifer Lipetzky (Email) and Christel Meyerle (Email)

Deadline:  Registration forms must be submitted electronically to by February 24, 2024.  (Teachers, please write one check from your studio (payable to FCMTA) for the total fees, and send to Cindy Taylor, 904 Twin Oak Court, Frederick MD 21701 postmarked by February 24, 2024. Or send money by using email address


FCMTA will host its 18th Annual “Sonatina/Sonata Festival” this year. This is an opportunity for piano students to perform a selection from the vast repertoire of Sonatinas and Sonatas, as well as a contrasting piece. Students will be placed into groups of about 12 students, and will perform in a recital-like format, while a piano adjudicator evaluates their performance. All students will receive a written evaluation by the adjudicator and a certificate.

Students must play one sonatina or sonata movement and one contrasting piece of the teacher’s choice. The contrasting piece must be in a contrasting style and time period (exception: at the Elementary and Late Elementary the second piece may be from the same period, but it should contrast in style). The contrasting piece should be the same level of difficulty as the sonatina or sonata. (The teacher may choose to use any edition of the music, but the music must remain intact: no simplified or shortened versions will be acceptable.)

The student’s repertoire must not exceed 10 minutes, total, for levels up to the Advanced Level. Advanced Level time limit is 15 minutes. Memorization is preferred – students who use music will have points deducted for memorization but still may participate. Each student is to have his/her copy of the original music ready to present to the judge. Students with photocopied music will be DISQUALIFIED from the event. Music produced from CD files, procured from public domain sources such as the Petrucci Music Library (, or electronically purchased music is acceptable.

Repeats are generally not to be taken in the sonata or sonatina movement, except for short repeats (8 – 16 measures), or for balance of the form. At the discretion of the teacher, repeats may be used in the contrasting piece if it serves to enhance the music. Both D.C. and D.S. should be taken as indicated. Keep time limits in mind when deciding about repeats.

Teachers must be members of FCMTA and must be available to assist on the day of the event.

Teachers and Parents, click here to view this year’s Information Sheet.

Teachers, click here to view this year’s Parental Consent Form, along with other associated information. Teachers should print this page out and distribute, one to each student to be entered.

Teachers, click here for the online sign-up sheet for registering students.