Student Master Class 2023

Date: April 1, 2023.

Location: TBD.

Time: TBD.

Guest Master: Dr. James DeWire, Assistant Professor, Frostburg State University.

Fee: TBD.

Chairperson: Christel Meyerle (Email)

Registration Deadline: TBD.


The event consists of public instruction by the session’s Guest Master.  Each enrolled student will have the opportunity to perform for the Master, who will then conduct a short lesson with the student and offer helpful insights for improving the student’s playing. Teachers and other students will be able to observe each performance and benefit from listening to the Master’s comments.

The maximum time allowed for each student’s performance depends on the student’s level, as follows:

  • Beginning and intermediate students: 5 minutes.
  • Advanced students: 10 minutes.

The total number of students who may enroll and perform will depend on the cumulative length of the pieces performed. The total time allotted to the session will depend on the wishes of the Guest Master, but is typically one to two hours.


  • Memorization is encouraged but not required.
  • Teachers who enter students MUST be available to help on the day of the event.
  • Participants MUST remain for the entire session.