MSMTA Theory Testing 2024

This event is sponsored by MSMTA (Maryland State Music Teachers Association).

Date:  March 2, 2024 for the Frederick Testing Center (varies by Center)

Location:  The Frederick Testing Center location is at Evangelical Lutheran Church, 31 East Church Street, Frederick, MD. (There is a parking garage directly beside the church.)

Fee:  $15.00 per student per level

Chairperson:  Karen Skelly (Email)

Rules and Registration:  The rules, registration, and RCM Theory Syllabus are available on the MSMTA website. (Go to; click on “Calendar.” Scroll down to Theory Exams (under “Exams”) for information (including the Syllabus) and online registration.)

Deadline:  Online registration and fees to MSMTA by January 19, 2024 for the Frederick Center. Print-out applications and payment must be mailed to Elena Eliseeva (8 Devon Court, Rockville, MD 20850) and must be postmarked by that date.

Awards:  Four different Theory Awards can be earned by students for excellent scores. Points are also awarded towards the Jr. and Sr. DMA awards


This popular program, began nearly 35 years ago, now offers testing in music theory and ear training at 12 levels. Students may begin at any level and may take up to two levels in one year. There are no age or grade restrictions for any level of the test, and adults frequently participate as well. Since 2019 the tests have been following the Royal Conservatory of Music Syllabus.

Testing will be done in person at local centers. Teachers wishing to have students test at other centers must register directly with that center (online) by deadlines listed on the website. The deadlines and dates vary by center.

Testing times will be distributed to registered teachers by February 24th.

Grading will be completed and tests returned to teachers as soon as possible.

All teachers registering students must be available to help on testing day.