Sheila Rose Jones

Sheila has always had an interest in piano.  She has been teaching it for over 18 years and currently serves as a substitute pianist/organist at St. Mary’s Church in Barnesville. In addition, she takes classes in music at a local college, has been an active member of the Music Teachers National and State Associations for 8 years, and was president of the Frederick County Music Teachers Association (FCMTA) from 2016-2021.  Being a member of the music associations allows her students to have the opportunity to participate in performances, adjudication recitals, state level theory testing, and musicianship testing.  Prior to becoming a piano teacher, she worked as a nurse for 11 years and spent 8 of those years as a Naval Officer in the Navy Nurse Corps.  She loves teaching piano, and her goal is always to make it affordable, fun, and enriching for students of all ages!